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August Holiday Homes
About August
With August you become an owner of five stunning holiday homes for the same price as one.

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to owning a holiday home. It needs to make sense for you and suit your lifestyle. With homes exclusively in the best locations in Europe - covering Italy, Spain, France and the UK - from chic city Pied à Terre’s to expansive countryside estates, there’s an August homeownership for everyone, whatever your heart desires.

Our goal is to make the experience of owning a second home as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible, which is how we became the pioneer of luxury co-ownership across Europe. Our curated collections can take time to deliver because we care about every aspect of the process, from finding the perfect homes in the ideal locations to renovating and interior designing to meticulously high standards. We deliver excellence in everything we do and make sure that every home we create is the result of a true labour of love.

We are a global homeowner community that comes together to celebrate unique real estate. Our families make memories while enjoying the charming countryside of Provence, the picturesque beaches of the Mallorcan coast and the idyllic streets of Tuscany, sharing their experiences and recommendations as they go.