B-737-BBJ (BOEING BUSINESS JET) - Luxury Private Jet Charter Price On Request

B-737-BBJ (BOEING BUSINESS JET) - Luxury Private Jet Charter
B-737-BBJ (BOEING BUSINESS JET) - Luxury Private Jet Charter

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  • VAT Type: VAT Excluded
  • Flight attendant: Cabin Crew available
  • Max take off weight: 171 lbs (78 kg)
  • Altitude: 5 ft (2 m)
  • Exterior height: 41 ft (12 m)
  • Exterior length: 110 ft (34 m)
  • Other services on board: Lavatory On Board WIFI Satellite communications Gourmet catering on request Pets allowed Boardroom / communal area Private sleeping quarters Onboard shower facilities In-Flight entertainment system Airshow cabin information system Oven Microwave
  • Plane type: Heavy Jet
  • Wing span: 117 ft (36 m)
  • Serial number: 28579 – 33499 (up)


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No other private jet offers as much cabin space or reliability. After all, the BBJ is a descendant of commercial aircraft, designed to last decades. The Boeing Business Jet’s full name is the BBJ 737-700 IGW. IGW stands for “Increased Gross Weight,” much of which is due to its massive cabin and increased fuel capacity. The cabin has more square footage than some offices – 807 square feet – and measurements well beyond any other private jet: 79.2 feet long, 7.1 feet high and 11.6 feet wide. The total cabin volume is 5,390 cubic feet. The 5,390 cubic feet of cabin can be configured almost any way desired. Most configurations divide the cabin into four compartments (in addition to a crew rest area). The four compartments generally consist of a board room, a lounge, a VIP bedroom (with a queen-sized bed, if desired), a business office, and two lavatories with showers. Alternate suggested configurations include an office and an exercise room, high-density seating for sixty passengers, or twenty-four extra-large seats for sleeping. The standard galley, if chosen, comes with a microwave, oven, refrigerator and freezer, a sink with hot and cold water, food storage, and a trash compactor. Entertainment systems generally include two DVD players, two VCRS, three multi-disc CD players, and satellite TV. In other words, the sky is the limit when designing the interior of the BBJ.

The BBJ, despite its size and its maximum take off weight of 171,000 pounds, can take off from a sea level runway in 5,885 feet. At an altitude of 5,000 feet and a temperature of 77°F, the required runway distance increases to 9,645 feet. For comparison’s sake, the average takeoff distance of heavy private jets at sea level is 5,500 feet. The average MTOW of these private jets is 52,000 pounds, 30% of the BBJ’s MTOW.

Another area in which the massive BBJ performs like one of the “light” (by comparison) heavy private jets is in its climb rate. It climbs straight to 37,000 feet in 25 minutes. At this altitude, the BBJ achieves its high speed cruise of 470 ktas. At 39,000 feet, it gets optimal long range cruise performance of 451 ktas. Its range, with eight passengers and required NBAA IFR reserves, is 6,098 nautical miles, a little more than the distance from New York City to Beijing. It can easily complete trips from Denver to Tokyo or from Los Angeles to Frankfurt – distance is no limitation.
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