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Riva for Sale

What makes a Riva special?

Considered by many to be the finest in the field of runabouts, Riva has grown to become synonymous with fine Italian speedboats. The company has a true old school approach to their craft, leaving nothing to chance but without falling into the trap of becoming stale. Having started out as a small fishing boat manufacturer in Sarnico in the mid-1800s, Riva later developed what would become their trademark – fine, trustworthy runabouts in the most exquisite mahogany available to man.

Who owns a Riva boat?

If one requires the very best when cruising around the shores of the Mediterranean, a Superaquarama from Riva just might be the ne plus ultra. The exterior elegance is not all there is to it, as the V8 engines tell a different tale. In any case, it seldom gets any better than feeling like your maneuvering something out of a movie starring Alain Delon. The owner has an appreciation for that certain Italian flavor, but is not willing to pick style at the sacrifice of substance.

Rarity & Exclusivity

Now a member of the prestigious Ferretti group, Riva remains a favorite among those in-the-know. The iconic models from the 1960s enjoy a massive following, with communities worldwide devoted to cherish the wonderful world of Riva. Owning one of the classic models is undoubtedly a sign of class and great taste.