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Princess 58 for Sale

What makes a Princess special?

Princess Yachts, hailing from the shores of Plymouth, has a refreshing no-nonsense approach to making business – and boats. What began as a one-off over 40 years ago, the Project 31, has grown to become one of the biggest makers of recreational yachts around. The recipe for success is fairly simple: a high output and a sound business model ensures a stable balance between high quality and an attractive price. This does not mean that we’re talking about a company with a relaxed attitude to their craft. Extremely rigid quality control provides superior performance, something founder and Managing Director David King assures.

Who owns a Princess yacht?

The captain of a Princess is not willing to sacrifice quality for anything. The maker openly states that performance is more important than extras, ensuring that you are buying a boat that will continue to satisfy. The owner is not pretentious and does not feel the need to pay for simply a brand name; he or she knows what constitutes a great ship.

Exclusivity & Rarity

With such a high output of boats and an admitted F Model T approach to manufacturing, one might place Princess in the bracket of, let’s say, the dull. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Owning a Princess is a mark of pride, which shows an appreciation for its rich British heritage and iconic status among boat enthusiasts around the world. With their 105 and 130 models, Princess has entered new waters, the market of luxurious super yachts over 100 feet, confirming their reputation of being progressive and innovative. Not to mention not being afraid to flex their muscles.