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Palmer Johnson for Sale

What makes a Palmer Johnson special?

With its history surpassing 90 years, Palmer Johnson can pride itself on being an American yacht manufacturer with a legendary heritage. Originating as a maker of mere wooden fishing ships, Palmer Johnson has since evolved into being one of the premier brands for high-style sport yachts. Focusing on aluminum construction since the 1960’s, the shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin enjoys an outstanding reputation among enthusiasts worldwide.

Who owns a Palmer Johnson yacht?

The owner of a yacht signed Palmer Johnson has an appreciation for its sleek, arrow-shaped designs. The owner is acquiring something unique, as testified by company owner, Mike Kelsey Jr; “We made a very conscious decision to not build the same yacht that we and every other builder in America were building”. Whether its captain is crossing the great American lakes or mooring down at La Pantiero in Cannes, his mega yacht will be sure to stand out with vibrancy amongst its dock mates.

Rarity & Exclusivity

With a wide selection of customization possibilities, a Palmer Johnson can be built fully to the wishes of its eventual owner, guaranteeing that no yacht will be alike. With limited production runs and steep pricing, one is very improbable to ever be considered one-in-a-crowd on such an exquisite ship.