Cigarette 46' Rider XP for Sale

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Cigarette 46' Rider XP for Sale

What makes a Cigarette special:

The name comes from the go-fast boats used for smuggling cigarettes into Canada a long time ago. The genius Don Aronow is the creator of the brand Cigarette Racing and his boats won over 350 offshore races, owned every speed record in every country at one time and he was a two-time world champion and three-time U.S. champion. He has been elected to every powerboating Hall of Fame in existence and was one of only two Americans to have ever received the UIM Gold Medal of Honor.


Who owns a Cigarette:

 Anyone who wants to go as fast as possible on water owns a Cigarette. Luxury cruising is not for the Cigarette owner but rather a life-in-the-fast-lane attitude combined with a nice check book for those pesky petrol bills that comes with flying over the waves at 70 knots. Anyone who likes the sound of 2000 horsepower screaming at you while shoving the horizon in your face is the ideal Cigarette customer.


Rarity & Exclusivity:

With the history and pedigree that comes with a Cigarette, being one in the exclusive club of owners to an icon and genre creator like Cigarette you might as well wear a crown on your head and call yourself king of your empire.