Beneteau Monte Carlo 5 for Sale

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Beneteau Monte Carlo 5 for Sale

What makes a Beneteau special?

A real leviathan in the sailing yacht industry, Beneteau is a success story spanning well over a century. With their feet placed in both the future and the past, Beneteau continue to innovate in both the sailing boat market as well in where it all started – fishing trawlers. Undoubtedly, the prior is where the company excels, both in numbers and design. Beneteau possess that very rare thing that so few boat makers get right – balance. In the end, a sailing yacht is ultimately a compromise between racing and cruising, and Beneteau has it down to a science. Never has such a sturdy ship come with such a very pleasing interior.

Who owns a Beneteau sailing yacht?

The captain of a Beneteau has many interests and requires a vessel that will satisfy all sorts of different tasks. Some boats are built for racing, some are for comfort, some for, well, showing off. Claiming that something is multifaceted often means that it’s just barely good enough at a lot of things, which would be to grossly understate the French company. In fact, there are few areas where the manufacturer isn’t competitive, if any.

Rarity & Exclusivity

With an overwhelming list of awards, raging from being top ranked in customer satisfaction, top cruising models to repeatedly winning prestigious races all over the world, owning a Beneteau is no joke and a badge that should be worn proudly. Exquisite designs by some of the finest naval architects around with interior decoration to match make for a potent cocktail, guaranteed to impress.