Azimut 58 Flybridge for Sale

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Azimut 58 Flybridge for Sale

What makes an Azimut special?

A relatively young player on the yacht market, Azimut was founded by then-student Paolo Vitelli, a young man with a passion for the sea who saw a need in his native Italy for a yacht chartering company. Today, Mr. Vitelli still acts as president and CEO. Azimut has far from stagnated, though. The company quickly moved on from merely chartering to designing their own yachts, eventually settling for in-house production. Overcoming their junior status, Azimut bought legendary Italian ship maker Benetti in 1985. The acquisition, with its rich heritage of technical experience, has cemented Azimut as a true icon.

Who owns an Azimut yacht?

Owning a yacht from Azimut tells a tale of awareness and integrity. Whether it be suits, shirts, food, classical music and opera, Italy has the market sewn up when it comes to artisanship. Yacht making is no exception, and Azimut is a leading figure. The owner of a yacht from Azimut is guaranteed full satisfaction.

Rarity &  Exclusivity

Customizing your yacht is hardly a trait exclusive to Azimut. However, Mr. Vitelli claims that “they [the customers] want the satisfaction of inserting their soul into the yachts, to innovate and personalize. We aim to give them a feeling that they've created something”. The customers often turn up with the very same architects that designed their homes, to mirror what they wish for in their Azimut yacht. The Italian company truly goes out of its way to guarantee that the owner does not steer some piece of glass fiber straight off the assembly line.