What makes an Apache special?


With a powerboat from Apache, no waters are too rough. The Florida boat maker is unparalleled in the field of defying challenging offshore conditions as well as exceeding the public’s expectations. Built to last, Apache continues to construct powerboats with a unique mix of performance and artisanship. Company mastermind Mark McManus insures the longevity of Apache: when refurbishing the hulls of the boats built some 20 years ago, he found the overwhelming majority to still be in perfect condition – unheard of in the powerboat business! If you take into consideration that Apache powerboats are built to standards well exceeding those of the Coast Guard, you know that you’re dealing with a craft that is willing to take a lot of punishment.


Who owns an Apache powerboat?


The captain of a powerboat from Apache is not easily intimidated by even the heaviest of seas. The owner, just like the company itself, values safety and stability but does not sacrifice the sheer power necessary to tame the great waves. An individualist, the owner has his or her powerboat custom made to suit his or her needs.


Exclusivity & Rarity


At the very core level of design and construction, each and every Apache powerboat is totally unique. The customers themselves choose the hull design and are presented with an overwhelming list of options, such as navigation system, powertrain and interior appointments. The end result? A true one-of-a-kind powerboat easily spotted in a crowd of others. Apache is a highly esteemed brand among customization enthusiasts, which is why each Apache is unique.