Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 64 Fly from $675,000 $ 675,000

Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 64 Fly from $675,000
Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 64 Fly from $675,000
Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 64 Fly from $675,000
Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 64 Fly from $675,000

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SeaNet Europe Ltd.

40 Villa Fairholme, Sir Augustus Bartolo Street
XBX 1095
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Listed Price

$ 675,000
approx. $ 675,000
approx. € 589.821,08
approx. 2,479,397.18 د.إ
approx. $ 922,456.35
approx. $ 881,192.92
approx. CHF 671,911.88
approx. ¥ 4,641,300
approx. £ 529,525.35
approx. $ 5,298,542.78
approx. 4.373.685,45 kn
approx. $ 12,780,849.60
approx. 5.700.393,90 kr
approx. 45.293.782,50 ₽
approx. 6 178 864,95 kr
approx. ฿ 22,399,200
approx. R 9,830,416.50
approx. $ 20,739,173.18
approx. ₱ 35,984,587.50
approx. 15 179 759,78 Kč
approx. ₨ 23,382,337.50
approx. $ 925,414.88
approx. $ 562,326.98
approx. $ 449.955.000
approx. B/. 675,000
approx. $ 1,350,000
approx. ₹ 47,141,896.72
approx. ¥ 74,651,558
approx. $ 1,824,221.25
approx. $ 1,017,613.80
approx. £ 529,525.35
approx. R$ 2.649.770,55
approx. ₪ 2,471,035.28
approx. ر.ع. 259,894.575
approx. 2 532 073,50 zł


  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Newport Beach, CA, United States
  • Length: 20 ft (6 m)
  • Beam: 5 ft (2 m)
  • Berths: 4
  • Engines: 127
  • Engines hp: 900
  • Engine hours: 0
  • Engine brand: N/A
  • Max speed: 65 kt
  • Fuel tankage: 2998 usGal
  • Water tankage: 651 usGal
  • Naval architect: Absolute
  • Interior designer: Absolute
  • Cabins: 0


We are delighted to introduce you to the world of SeaNet and a smart way of owning the impressive Absolute 64 Fly.

Become one of only four owners to co-own this innovative Absolute yacht.

25 % Ownership offers 72 days of usage per year.


  • Guaranteed usage with maximum four owners per yacht
  • Hassle-Free ownership with SeaNet's Yacht Management (Fully Crewed)
  • VIP Concierge service included
  • Equally split running cost


SeaNet Company Inc.

Since the launch of smart yacht ownership in 2003 the SeaNet fleet has gone global with over 20 yachts spread across the Mediterranean, United States and Caribbean.

SeaNet takes yacht ownership to the next level and offers you the unique opportunity to broaden your horizons by exchanging your yacht to another like type yacht in the permanent growing SeaNet fleet.

SeaNet provides you with the yachting lifestyle, the worlds finest international destinations, and the absolute elegance and cutting edge technology of Absolute Yachts, all with the comfort of making a smart financial decision.


International Fleet Coverage:

Mediterranean, Caribbean, West Coast USA, Mexico, East Coast USA, Bahamas

The Absolute 64Fly

Yachts can be compared to ladies, for their elegance. Ancient vessels, are called nobles as a sign of respect. The epithet of majestic suits the sumptuous transatlantic steamships of the XX century. Admired polar explorer’s wild boats, are defined as intrepid.

These are the four elements that shape “Absolute 64 FLY”.

Deck neat and soft lines contrast with the unmistakable Absolute diamond spearhead to convey the idea of elegance. As well as refined materials combinations used for the interior, for the construction of furniture, natural wood exposition, leathers, chrome plating and crystals. The space partition in the lower deck is elegant and harmonic. The four cabins welcome the ship owner and his guests, offering them comfort, privacy and refreshment.

The nobility of the authentic navigation with a constant aspiration to light and sun. Large windows offer the seamen a clear view of the sea, which is the last frontier to be explored of our world. The noble respect for this frontier is reflected by the excellent integration between Absolute hull and IPS engines that reduce emissions and consumptions. So the boat proceeds nobly, caressing the sea and cutting through water, without blessing it.

The solemn majesty is marked by solid and enduring elements, as installations and their functioning, structures and settings. The upper deck of the flybridge is actually a balcony over the sea: it offers a majestic view during the sailing towards the horizon, while conveying a unique sense of freedom between air and water, sky and sea; when at the roasted, it offers the most authentic and fulfilling way to live in the nature.

Modern electronic systems of navigation, artfully combined with authentic motor-yacht lines of the hull permit the intrepid exploration of the oceans, sailing from land to land, parting the wave and keeping control. The two control panels, from where the captain supervises and steers the boat, express strength and force.

These are the essences of “Absolute 64 FLY”, one of the most refined, eco- friendly, modern, comfortable and long-lasting boats among all boats ever constructed by worldwide shipyards. Thanks to these qualities “Absolute 64 FLY” is legitimately part of the most prestigious leisure boats group.

You can admire it, being attracted by its beauty. You can appreciate it, being captured by its equilibrium and nobility. You can contemplate it, being fascinated by its impressiveness and majesty. You can enjoy it, being satisfied by its effectiveness and security. After all, no one can help remaining attracted by this boat…

 … “Absolute 64 FLY”, irresistible as a vocation


Note: Images of Sistership. Prices Reflect Quarter Share Ownership.