Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 60 Fly from $575,000 $ 575,000

Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 60 Fly from $575,000
Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 60 Fly from $575,000
Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 60 Fly from $575,000
Smart Yacht Ownership - Own an Absolute 60 Fly from $575,000

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SeaNet Europe Ltd.

40 Villa Fairholme, Sir Augustus Bartolo Street
XBX 1095
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Listed Price

$ 575,000
approx. $ 575,000
approx. € 504.231,30
approx. 2,112,079.08 د.إ
approx. $ 790,518.05
approx. $ 754,228.08
approx. CHF 571,767.35
approx. ¥ 3,960,312.50
approx. £ 450,392.90
approx. $ 4,513,778.75
approx. 3.744.816,88 kn
approx. $ 10,973,543.22
approx. 4.811.651,75 kr
approx. 38.856.372,50 ₽
approx. 5 243 241 kr
approx. ฿ 19,164,750
approx. R 8,236,981.38
approx. $ 17,714,629.90
approx. ₱ 30,736,335.78
approx. 12 990 313,75 Kč
approx. ₨ 19,923,787.95
approx. $ 790,366.82
approx. $ 478,301.68
approx. $ 379.730.000
approx. B/. 575,000
approx. $ 1,150,000
approx. ₹ 40,201,240.58
approx. ¥ 63,724,088
approx. $ 1,553,966.25
approx. $ 871,152.60
approx. £ 450,392.90
approx. R$ 2.233.083,22
approx. ₪ 2,124,090.25
approx. ر.ع. 221,343.375
approx. 2 168 497,50 zł


  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
  • Length: 18 ft (5 m)
  • Beam: 5 ft (2 m)
  • Berths: 3
  • Engines: 127
  • Engines hp: 725
  • Engine hours: 0
  • Engine brand: N/A
  • Max speed: 63 kt
  • Fuel tankage: 2400 usGal
  • Water tankage: 598 usGal
  • Naval architect: Absolute
  • Interior designer: Absolute
  • Boat type: flybridge
  • Cabins: 0


We are delighted to introduce you to the world of SeaNet and a smart way of owning the impressive Absolute 60 Fly.

Become one of only four owners to co-own this innovative Absolute yacht.

25 % Ownership offers 72 days of usage per year.


  • Guaranteed usage with maximum four owners per yacht
  • Hassle-Free ownership with SeaNet's Yacht Management (Fully Crewed)
  • VIP Concierge service included
  • Equally split running cost

SeaNet Company Inc.

Since the launch of smart yacht ownership in 2003 the SeaNet fleet has gone global with over 20 yachts spread across the Mediterranean, United States and Caribbean.

SeaNet takes yacht ownership to the next level and offers you the unique opportunity to broaden your horizons by exchanging your yacht to another like type yacht in the permanent growing SeaNet fleet.

SeaNet provides you with the yachting lifestyle, the worlds finest international destinations, and the absolute elegance and cutting edge technology of Absolute Yachts, all with the comfort of making a smart financial decision.


International Fleet Coverage:

Mediterranean, Caribbean, West Coast USA, Mexico, East Coast USA, Bahamas

The Absolute 60Fly

The overall image that depicts the mission of the company Absolute takes shape with energy year after year, unstoppable. It’s an image full of strong personality, that of made in Italy, of navy, of fascinating and inimitable style, of innovative technology. It’s an image that strikes for sharpness and rationality in all its details, and for the absence of confusion and uncertainty. It’s an image composed by different pieces, a mosaic in which each piece is distinct, unique and independent, but included in an unitary and harmonious vision.

“Absolute 60 FLY” has three cabins below deck, besides crew area, all provided of toilets, for a total of four toilets on board. Nothing special about it? On the contrary! This arrangement doesn’t sacrifice any inner space and all these locations have maximum height, maximum linearity, maximum size of beds and showers (totally separated) and maximum size of windows. All in the highest degree of the 60’ foots category, no rivals. This optimal use of spaces is possible thanks to implementation of the ISS System, so the feature’s list below deck is to record: side sofa in ship owner’s cabin and vanity console, two cabins with king-size beds and a cabin with twin single rectangular beds (no constriction), three wardrobes in full height and additional closets, all showers with walled-in portholes for natural light and ventilation, crew cabin with two bunks, directly accessible from stern platform, and with toilet that functions as “day-head”, and doorway to the engines room.

Real gem for inside cabins in this boat’s category, angle position of queen-size bed of bow, combined with the wide side windows, gives guests a panoramic view without comparison.

Such as every motor yacht, also “Absolute 60 FLY” is powered by two diesel engines with IPS transmission, for a constant navigation no less than 25 knots (top speed 31 knots). But the surprise is that this performance (perfectly suited to this sumptuous sailing residence) is reached by two engines of only 533 KW: that implicates extraordinary energetic efficiency and therefore remarkable saving in costs of usage and emissions (up to 30% less than other motor yachts of 60 foots).

“Absolute 60 FLY” is not only a boat of 60 foots like others, but more than the others. The details highlighted here above are only a minimum part of the “normal” features of “Absolute 60 FLY”, of course, but that here are realized in a special and top-notch way. You should analyze in detail the third couch outside on the bow, the third inside sofa in living room in front of the main one, the precious inner materials – all natural just like leather, Canaletto walnut wood, crystal, stainless steel, marble and ceramic, main dashboard and its visibility of 360°, side doorway for direct access from passage to inner helm, the third electronic docking station in the cockpit, the fenders garages on deck, the abundance of handrails and railing in every place outside for maximum safety for passengers of all ages and all sizes, and so on for more.



Note: Images of Sistership. Prices Reflect Quarter Share Ownership.