What makes a Roger Dubuis special?
The collaborative efforts of a former Patek Philippe complication engineer and a former Franck Muller designer, Roger Dubuis has quickly grown to become a highly respected player in the field. Eccentric and almost odd-ball designs (like you would expect from Carlos Dias with his Franck Muller heritage) combined with the absolute premium in movement design has launched Roger Dubuis into the big leagues, joining the ranks of its fellow watch companies in the Richemont group.

Who wears a Roger Dubuis?
The wearer of a Roger Dubuis cherishes his playful side. While many of the designs are very much "out there", they are never the focus of attention of Roger Dubuis watches, the incredible engineering skills that go into the creation of the movements are. Every single watch is submitted to the quality hallmark of the Poinçon de Genève as well as receiving chronometer certifications. If you don't care for the rather sterile and "timeless" designs you would find in, let's say, a Patek, a Roger Dubuis is definitely the watch for you.

Exclusivity & Rarity
Roger Dubuis utilizes the ever-popular approach to business in the exclusive watch world; high prices, low supply. Limited edition pieces with an aggressive sense of style and an almost unmatched watchmaking prowess is the recipe that will assure Mr. Dubuis' continued success in the watch world.