Richard Mille RM-019 "Celtic Knot" Ladies Tourbillon, Skeleton Dial, Limited Edition to 30 P Price On Request

Richard Mille RM-019 "Celtic Knot" Ladies Tourbillon, Skeleton Dial, Limited Edition to 30 P
Richard Mille RM-019 "Celtic Knot" Ladies Tourbillon, Skeleton Dial, Limited Edition to 30 P
Richard Mille RM-019 "Celtic Knot" Ladies Tourbillon, Skeleton Dial, Limited Edition to 30 P
Richard Mille RM-019 "Celtic Knot" Ladies Tourbillon, Skeleton Dial, Limited Edition to 30 P

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  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Address: 56 West 47th Street
  • Gender: Women
  • Case material: Rose Gold
  • Dial color: Transparent
  • Strap color: Black
  • Strap material: Crocodile
  • Movement: Handwinding Manual
  • Reference number: RM019
  • Water resistance: 50 m (164 ft)
  • Crystal: Sapphire Glass
  • Case Diameter [mm]: 45.0
  • Thickness [mm]: 12.25
  • Authenticity: N/A
  • Features: Luminescent Hand
  • Condition: Used
  • Internal Reference: 3290253


Richard Mille RM 019 “Celtic Knot” Ladies Tourbillon 18kt Rose Gold Limited to 30pc Transparent Case-back THE MOST DESIRABLE RM-19 IN ROSE GOLD The first and most striking feature of this new creation is the diamond studded Celtic Knot that traverses and weaves itself over and through various parts of the movement, connecting and joining winding barrel, power reserve indicator and tourbillon in an endless cycle. The hour and minute hands are striking in their asymmetrical placement within the flowing lines of this Celtic Knot pattern. Dating back to about the 5th century, the most emblematic and identifiable artwork in Celtic history must be considered the Celtic Knot. This symbol, also referred to as the mystic or endless knot, suggests that in life there are neither beginnings nor endings, consequently reminding us of the timeless nature of the spirit. With its unlimited and returning pathway, the Celtic knot symbolizes an uninterrupted life; it is both an emblem of longevity and the never-ending cycle of our existence. Brought into the domain of technical haute horlogerie, this eternal symbol takes on a new relationship with the timelessness of time itself. The baseplate of the watch has been created of Black Onyx, a variety of cryptocrystalline quartz chalcedony composed of silicium dioxide, (SiO2). Onyx varieties with rectilinear black and white parallel stripes are actually a part of the agate family, whereas the fully black type is what one commonly calls true Black Onyx. This is a gemstone able to deflect and channel harmful energy towards the Earth, thus providing stability. Due to this ability, Black Onyx is considered a stone of protection against negative thoughts, as well being the stone of equilibrium and inspiration. Adding a refined visible touch, the tourbillon endstone bridge on the onyx baseplate side is also engraved with a Celtic triquetra knot. Keeping with the technical nature of all watches created by the brand, the RM019 utilizes a newly developed power reserve indicator that makes use of a differential gearing system, directly connected to the winding barrel. Via a red line etched on its surface, the direct turning of the power reserve barrel allows the wearer to easily note if the watch requires winding. The Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie deGenève – Asia Edition was held in Singapore on September. The event was an opportunity for the passionate public to admire a selection of the finest watches of the year. Several pieces were distinguished, by categories, by a jury made up of collectors and specialized journalists. The Richard Mille RM 019 Tourbillon took the prize in the category « Best Ladies Watch ». The RM 019 is particularly noteworthy for its black Onyx movement plate and itsdiamond-embellished knot, evoking the emblematic interlaced Celtic symbol within its tourbillion movement. In keeping with the spirit of innovation for which the brand is known, the Caliber RM 019 adds a dimension of poetry and romance to its technical prowess, making it one of the most remarkable pieces in the Richard Mille Collection. Following the RM 007 and subsequent versions into which it evolved, the RM 019 comes to take its place as part of a stunning ladies collection Richard Mille holds especially dear to his heart. Immediately, the dial is a masterpiece in three dimensions. Around and around intricate lines weave between the movement as one spiral interlaces with another. The intricacy is remarkable. Then, turning the watch over reveals a view of the baseplate cut from solid black onyx. Not only is the dial jewelled, but the actual movement is built on gemstone. Tourbillon cage with ceramic endstone and free-sprung balance with variable inertia Also known as: Richard Mille RM019, RM19, RM 019, RM 19
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