Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 Complications Day-Date Annual Calendar Chronograph 40.5mm Stainless Steel $ 39,599

Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 Complications Day-Date Annual Calendar Chronograph 40.5mm Stainless Steel
Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 Complications Day-Date Annual Calendar Chronograph 40.5mm Stainless Steel
Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 Complications Day-Date Annual Calendar Chronograph 40.5mm Stainless Steel
Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 Complications Day-Date Annual Calendar Chronograph 40.5mm Stainless Steel

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$ 39,599
approx. $ 39,599
approx. € 34.928,06
approx. 145,453.38 د.إ
approx. $ 54,539.58
approx. $ 52,208.31
approx. CHF 39,903.75
approx. ¥ 275,225.64
approx. £ 30,834.08
approx. $ 310,161.15
approx. 259.286,33 kn
approx. $ 806,376.61
approx. 335.650,35 kr
approx. 2.615.593,15 ₽
approx. 358 455,69 kr
approx. ฿ 1,304,787.05
approx. R 562,981.52
approx. $ 1,223,307.51
approx. ₱ 2,088,589.86
approx. 907 666,18 Kč
approx. ₨ 1,374,160.10
approx. $ 54,490.05
approx. $ 33,006.04
approx. $ 26.693.686
approx. B/. 39,599
approx. $ 79,198
approx. ₹ 2,846,588.89
approx. ¥ 4,482,285
approx. $ 107,038.08
approx. $ 58,129.95
approx. £ 30,834.08
approx. R$ 149.113,16
approx. ₪ 146,850.75
approx. ر.ع. 15,245.536
approx. 150 571,63 zł
approx. 83,686.63 $


  • Year: 2010
  • Location: Newport Beach, CA, United States
  • Address: 4000 MacArthur Blvd, East Tower Ste 600
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Case material: Steel
  • Dial color: White
  • Strap color: Silver
  • Strap material: Steel
  • Movement: Automatic Selfwinding
  • Reference number: 5960/1A-001
  • Case Diameter [mm]: 40.5
  • Features: Luminescent Hand
  • Functions: Chronograph, Date
  • Internal Reference: 3820339


Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 Complications Day-Date Annual Calendar Chronograph 40.5mm Stainless Steel AutomaticBrand: Patek PhilippeSeries: ComplicationsGender: MaleCase Material: Stainless SteelCase Diameter: 40.5 mmDial: Analog White IndexBezel: Stainless SteelMovement: AutomaticClasp: DeploymentBracelet: Stainless SteelWater Resistant: -Notes: Welcome to Today we're gonna be reviewing the Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001. We're gonna go through some pricing on this watch, talk about the dial, the case, the bracelet, the buckle and the movement. And let you know where you can purchase it at for the lowest price anywhere online. So as of 2016, the retail price on this watch is 51,000 U.S. dollars but you can buy it at JazTime for, roughly, 37,000 dollars and change. That's the lowest price anywhere online. Now let's talk about the dial. The dial, as you can see, it's a white dial. And what I might mention about this before we even start with the dial is that, it's made in stainless steel. And the previous versions of this, when it was released back in 2006, were, actually, made of platinum. So in 2014, the 5960/1A was released in stainless steel as you see it here. It only comes in this configuration. It has a white dial. Kind of, almost, looks cream but it is white. Now I want to bring you attention to a few things. The first being that you'll see that there's three date windows. The far left one is the day, the middle one is the. I'm sorry. The left one is the date. Anyways, you get the point. The one in the center is the number, the one on the right is the month and the far left one is the day, okay? So that's the first interesting thing about this dial. The next interesting thing is, that it has luminous hour hands. So you see these hour markers. I'm sorry. The hands, the hour marker and the minute hand, they're luminous, meaning they glow in the dark at nighttime. And that's a departure from any other Patek that you know. Can you think of any other Patek that uses luminous hands as well as luminous hour markers? Do you see the hour markers here? They're all luminous. They don't do that in any other watch. And partly, it's because this is a sports, Patek, everyday watch that you can wear. And they thought, well, you might want to tell what time it is at night time. So let's move on to the case. The case, here, is 40 milometers and that's from my thumb to my index finger. 40 milometers which makes it one of the largest Patek Philippe watches. And that makes sense as it's a sports watch. Now the bezel here, is using a dome bezel. No surprise because that makes it understated and not so blingy so that it can be a sports watch. And if you notice, most dome bezels, are actually, a convex. Meaning they go this direction. But this one is, actually, concave, meaning it dips inward. Kind of hard for you guys to see but if I place my hand over it I an tell. That's the opposite of how Rolex does it and it's quite unique. Now moving on to the bracelet. It is a stainless steel bracelet and as you can see, it has six links across. Going from my index finger to my thumb, that's six links across. It's a very fluid bracelet. It's made out of stainless steel. And it's Patek's signature band. If you see this band, you know that it's a Patek. And moving on to the buckle, the deployment buckle here, it's gonna use this deployment style buckle where you flip up here and it's like a safety. And it's important because this is a sports watch, so when you click down the safety, it locks it. Now it's not going anywhere. But the minute you undo it, it comes apart, as you see here. So to open this clasp, it's a double deployment. One on each side and bam. So that's it for the buckle. Now the movement is a caliber CH28520 IRMQA 24H. And it allows the movement to have both a chronograph function along with an annual calendar which has a day, date and month aperture. The diameter of it's 33 milometers, the height of it is seven milometers. It has 40 jewels and 456 parts, that's a lot. And it has a power reserve of 45 hours to 55 hours. So it's quite awesome. Now I'm gonna show you, briefly, how it works. Now, since it being both an annual calendar and a chronograph, it can do two functions. Most watches either do one or the other. Patek Philippe being Patek Philippe decided that they're gonna go above and beyond that. So, let's start with the chronograph function. As you can see, I have already been letting the chronograph function move around. I wanted to do that so you can see, it's also, not only, a chronograph, it's also a fly back. Now what is a fly back? You see the second hand that's red and it's moving? If I press this bottom four o'clock button, it will make all the other hands go back to zero. You see this bottom red hand right here? Don't worry, this is plastic, chill out. So you see this one here? When I press this, everything will zero back and the chronograph function will start from the beginning. If you were to ask me what is the elapsed time right now. I have to move the hands out of the way so I can see. Viewers at home, can you guys tell what time it is or excuse me. How much elapsed time has gone by? You would, actually, have to look here, at the red. The red points to the minutes so that's 15 minutes and how many seconds? The red one is at 50 seconds. So that's 15 minutes, 54 seconds, 55 seconds and so on. Now it's 15 minutes. And every time the red bottom one, at the six o'clock, goes one revolution, the black one behind it, do you see the black, small hand right here? That one will move over one tick. That make sense? If I were to want to, let's say, calculate how fast my car is moving around the track, I would just have to read it off here and then I would press the four o'clock position to zero it back. So I'm gonna do that right now, alright. Bam and that's zeroing it again, for example, like on a race car. And did you see everything went back to the center again? Now if I want to use it as a regular chronograph, I just start and stop it with the two o'clock button. So start it, this would mean that 15 seconds has elapsed and you look at the red minute hand here and that zero minutes have passed. And I could just recenter it. That make sense? If you don't get it, you could give us a call at and we'll explain it to you. Alright now, I'm gonna show you how to set the date. So let's just say, for example, today's Christmas and I want to set it to December 25th. So what I'll do first is I will set the month which is at the top, right, by pressing the little button. You see that button right there? And let's see what happens. It's August, September, October, November and December. Then I'm gonna go ahead and set, the number and I set it to five, six, seven, eight, nine, move it to. 24 and then 25, perfect. So this is December 25th and as of 2016, December 25th, actually, fell on a Sunday so I'm gonna turn this to Sunday. So that makes it Christmas on Sunday and it makes it at three o'clock. Now I don't know it it's 2:45 a.m. or 2:45 p.m. I also mentioned, however, do not change the date when the hands are between 10 a.m. and two a.m. Now it's 2:45, that's okay. To make it even more safe, I might even turn it down to here before I start changing it. But I will be safe it I'm outside of 10 a.m., two a.m. The reason is because the disks could slip, cause some damage, blah, blah, blah. You just don't want to do it. If you liked this video, check us out at We have the lowest price anywhere online. So subscribe to our video. 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