What makes a Maurice Lacroix special?
One of the most recognizable Swiss brands around, Maurice Lacroix is a long success story. A low-key and tasteful approach to watch design has proven to be a huge hit, and Maurice Lacroix is widely regarded as one of the best values in the world of Swiss watches.

Who wears a Maurice Lacroix?
Lovers of classic dress watches with a taste of something special will find a favorite in Maurice Lacroix. The company has several different lines to satisfy whatever you watch fetisch might be. 

Exclusivity & Rarity:
Maurice Lacroix has a tendency to be considered simply an entry-level brand, and unfairly so. If you're willing to open up your wallet (quite a bit), you will find some of the most marvelous movements and complications money can buy in the Masterpiece Collection. The brainchild of former head of production Mr. René Baumann, the Masterpiece Collection offers the very best when it comes to those fantastic complication that you never need but just must have (hey, while you're spending five figures on a wristwatch, go wild!); moonphases, GMT functions and jaw-dropping chronographs. Many of the watches from the Masterpiece Collection have historic, deadstock movements ticking inside them, guaranteeing that you will be wearing something very unique and exclusive.