What makes a Longines special?

Somewhere far away in the backwaters of the Swiss watch industry, and specifically the Swatch group,
there was a little brand called Longines. Once held as one of the great companies of the both 19th and
20th centuries (with a long list of firsts, such as the flyback chronograph), Longines was weakened as a
brand by the quartz crisis, and even moreso by becoming the entry level brand of the Swatch group.
However, since a few years back, with Omega being given a push upwards, Longines has replaced it in
the Swatch family as the get-a-ridiculous-amount-of-watch-for-your-money-brand. Retro collections such
as the Master series, reminiscing the days of Charles Lindbergh and his transatlantic flight, equipped with
his trusty Longines. The company kept its aviation profile, Amelia Earhart being one of their more high
profile clients.

Who wears a Longines?

Owning a Longines is wearing a slice of history. Whether you are looking for the original chronographs
of yore, or a more modern variant, you will be sure to find something with great historical heritage at
an even unmatched value, especially for a Swiss watch.

Exclusivity & Rarity

With Omega being pushed into Rolex-level territory, Longines is firmly taking its place in the Swatch.
Longines is a modern Swiss brand with who acknowledge their roots in history, and is growing in both
popularity (and price, it seems) day by day. Don't miss out.