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489 Franck Muller for sale

What makes a Franck Müller special?

The project of a watch making prodigy, Franck Müller has for long been a one man show. Why shouldn’t it be? The company’s president and namesake designed a tourbillion timepiece when he was only 26 years old – a feat usually reserved for the greats like Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin at the time. Today, Franck Müller combines ridiculously complicated movements with an aggressive take on the art deco styling that was popular in American watch making before the Second World War.

Who wears a Franck Müller?

Wearing a “Müller” is not a laughing matter. The watches stand out quite a bit, and while the brand has quite a celebrity following (Elton John comes to mind), Franck Müller never falls into the trap of being all style with no substance as the movements are among the most complicated in the world. Still, it makes quite a wrist and quite a character to wear one. Are you up to the task?

Rarity & Exclusivity

Since 1993, Franck Müller has reassured his status as a top innovator by annually introducing his “World Premiers” – the launch of an exclusive timepiece or movement complication rarely or never seen before (the inverted tourbillion, perpetual calender and split seconds chronograph minute repeater among others). Never having made a quartz movement, Franck Müller will never be seen as mundane.

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