What makes a Daniel JeanRichard special?

Back in the days of yore, Daniel JeanRichard was the Henry Ford of watches. Perhaps not by volume,
but the Neuchâtel native did revolutionize the craft by introducing the first machineries in the production
of watch parts. Today, the brand is owned by the parent group of Girard-Perregaux and continues to
innovate, even some 300 years later. In-house movements, bold designs such as the iconic TV Screen line of watches equipped with some of the most complicated functions around have enabled DJR to quickly become a real avant-garde player in a conservative field.

Who wears a Daniel JeanRichard?

Wearing a DJR sends out a message that you are willing to go bold in your choice of a timepiece - but not without the muscles on the inside. Fans of haute horlogerie will be pleased to find all sorts of tourbillions, perpetual calenders and split-second chronographs among the offerings.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Big proponents of limited editions of their flagship models as well as collaborative efforts with motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta, DJR have carved out a nice little niche in the market with their forward-thinking outlook on watch design. The brand is growing every day, while still retaining that certain aura of being something small-scale and special.