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What makes Corum special?

If you were looking to spend a sizable amount of money on a Swiss watch, a popular choice would be something sleek and discreet that will stand the test of time. Something that will always work in any setting, whether it be a formal event, fishing trip or just a night out. Whether you’re wearing a tux, jeans and a t-shirt or a pair of bathing trunks, your trusty Swiss watch will always stand by your side.

Sounds boring as hell? We thought so, too. Corum is certainly something else, if not the antithesis to the above. With extremely creative and clever designs, the watchmaker has succeeded where so many have failed; create proper watches with distinctively innovative designs without becoming a novelty.

Who wears a Corum?

Letting oneself be enchanted by the powerful wrist presence of Corum is a joy to behold. The watches are discreet without being low key, and are guaranteed to draw attention. The flagship line of watches, Admiral’s Cup, is a symbol for the world famous yachting regatta is a popular choice the anyone who isn’t yearning to blend in – whether it be on land or offshore.

Rarity & Exclusivity

Apart from the steep pricing and unspoiled status among collectors, Corum is the way to go if one is looking to acquire an uncommon timepiece. The company has made a habit of releasing limited edition pieces like there’s no tomorrow. For example, the Golden Bridge Artisan model, limited to 50 pieces, featured a hand painted portrait of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden where the mere design of the dial took 36 hours. If you can afford one, Corum is unlikely to be a boring choice.