What Makes Breuget Watches Special?
You wouldn’t be alone if you considered Breguet to be the “most classic” watches in the world. The brand is literally almost 250 years old, a statement only a handful of companies on the planet can boast. The brand is now the baby of Swatch Group billionaire leader Nicholas Hayek, who ensures the ultra luxury brand stays true to its roots. Watch novelties include conforming with the beauty of the late 18th century as well as increasingly impressive perfections on useful mechanical watch complications such as the tourbillion, and fuse and chain, as well as decoration such as Breguet’s signature careful guilloche dial engraving.

Who Wears Breguet Watches?
Leaders both famous and infamous have worn a Breguet watch. Today it is the classic watch for, “the strong -” those people who scoff at designer trends and focus on the allure of the tried and true. Breguet watches are for powerful people, whether you are powerful or just feel powerful – serious and beautiful watches that demand respect more than smiles. It is truly the most traditional of all luxury watch brands.

Rarity & Exclusivity?
Breguet is the name you’ll find on the most exclusive watches in the world – both the original Marie Antoinette pocket watch and the replica released to celebrate its heritage and mysterious life (even the replica is so exclusive it was built never to be sold). You can walk into a selectively placed Breguet boutique and purchase a piece of tradition – with each watch feeling as though it is timeless and unique. The ownership experience is more akin to privilege than status – only coming to fruition when you finally deserve a master-made timepiece.