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141 Baume & Mercier for sale

What makes a Baume et Mercier special?

"Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality". Such were the words
from a small watchmaker from the mountains of Jura in Switzerland. Almost 200 years later, the
legacy of brothers Louis Victor and Pierre-Joseph-Célestin Baume still holds true. B&M has,
especially in recent years, quickly grown from your yet-another-Swiss-watch to shaping into
a top brand in their market segment.

Who wears a Baume et Mercier?

Anyone who enjoys that certain mix of sportiness and elegance will enjoy a B&M. From the more
discreet square-cased Hampton to the masculine manliness of the Capeland, B&M has a wide array
of models that will satisfy anyone, regardless of your hobby or lifestyle. Indeed, the sportier models
on offer have that perfect blend of robustness and sleek style, as worn by David Duchovny.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Go to your nearest Ivy League school and you'll quickly be wary of the fact that anyone, especially
when equipped with your Daddy's Trustfund, can go out and buy a Tag Heuer, Omega and even a
Rolex. All fine choices, but not very adventurous. Take a chance on a B&M and you'll not only be
surprised by the sheer workmanship that goes into their pieces, but you'll also end up with a watch
that you won't see on every snotty-faced college kid's wrist.


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