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11 Alain Silberstein for sale

What makes an Alain Silberstein special?

Color- och playful, Monsieur Silberstein creates incredibly complicated watches for anyone who is tired of the fact that everything has to be sleek and elegant these days. With his roots in something as far-removed from the watch world as interior decoration, Alain Silberstein has managed to do what so few designers-turned-horologists fail at doing - creating something that is so much more that just style.

Who wears an Alain Silberstein?

Alain Silberstein is worn by people who have a soft spot for such mechanical marvels like tourbillons and perpetual calendars while preserving that personal quality that so few of us possess; the ability to still, at approriate times, be a child at heart.

Exclusivity & Rarity

With a very limited production, as with any true artist, and some pieces fetching upwards of €2,000,000, an Alain Silberstein timepiece is unlikely to fall into the category of being ordinary anytime soon. Once upon a time, Swatch saved the watch industry by creating playful designs at a throwaway price, and quite frankly, throwaway quality. AS improves on the concept and continues to impress horology fans around the world.

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