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    3 Top Luxury Sailing Watches for Men

    Posted 2012-07-26
    It goes without saying that sailing is a luxurious pursuit and you will definitely need a timepiece that offers plenty in the durability stakes as well as ticking all the right boxes from a style and luxury perspective – well, the 3 stunning men’...
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    Zenith El Primero Lefty Piece Unique Watches

    Posted 2011-07-28
    A pair of watches this nice begs the question, "why did Zenith only make one of each?" I don't really know the answer to that, but anticipate if they are well-received Zenith will make more (that are similar but not exactly the same). This duo of ...
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    Zenith El Primero Startos Flyback Limited Edition Tribute To John Blashford Watch

    Posted 2011-06-16
    Zenith's new Stratos watch collection keeps expanding. Another limited edition version with a very attractive dial is this limited edition El Primero Startos Flyback limited edition tribute to John Blashford. Colonel John Blashford-Snell is the ty...
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    Zenith Stratos Flyback Chronograph Watch

    Posted 2011-03-22
    Zenith recently signed a deal with Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson, who will soon embark on a three month long journey from the North Pole to the South Pole. He is calling it the Pole2Pole adventure, and he will travel by foot, sea, and bicycl...
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    The Five Most Important Auction Results Of Only Watch 2009

    Posted 2009-10-01
    Many saw the results of this year's Monaco based Only Watch 2009 auction to be a disappointment, as it only brought in about 2.3 million euros for the 35 lots. This news is not surprising given the poor economy. Some would say that many people got...