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    Aston Martin Unveils Zagato-Bodied Vanquish

    Posted 2016-05-31
    Italian coachbuilder Zagato through the years has been best known for designs that could best be described as quirky and distinctive rather than particularly elegant. Cars like the Alfa Romeo SZ or the Ferrari 575 GTZ that wore Zagato bodies were ...
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    Zagato Unveils Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa

    Posted 2010-04-29
    One of the best concept cars we’ve seen in recent years was just unveiled to much applause at the Villa d’Este concours in Italy – the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa by Zagato, designed to celebrate the famed marque’s 100th anniversary. The stunning sports ...
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    Zagato Ferrari 550 GTZ

    Posted 2009-11-11
    According to a report out of the UK, Ferrari and legendary custom coachbuilder Zagato are collaborating on a final project, the last in a long line of beautiful bespoke sports cars dating back decades. Picking up from the 575 GTZ built in 2006 for...