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  • Mpv 600x450 1365491145

    Top 5 armoured rides on James

    Posted 2010-10-30
    All flash and style is not enough to please the our most demanding followers here at JamesList. Whether it be because of ones stature as a goverment official, a warlord, a drug kingpin or simply a very, very adventurous driver (or a combination of...
  • Volvo 600x445 1365490946

    Uncrashable Volvo fails spectacularly

    Posted 2010-05-07
    Oh, Volvo. Safety first, all sense of fun and enjoyment last. With their future at their new Chinese overlords an all but certainty, we'll see the future holds for the soccer mom favorite. In the meantime, enjoy a taste of the spectacular failing ...
  • P1800 1365490418

    Mattias Vöcks Revives the Volvo P1800

    Posted 2009-05-20
    Koenigsegg engineer Mattias Vöcks may build ultra-modern supercars for a living, but it turns out he has something of a soft spot for vintage rides as well. Vöcks just came up with a new take on one of Volvo's first sportscars, the famed P1800 in ...