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    Moto Guzzi Launches the V7 Racer

    Posted 2011-08-04
    In honor of its 90th anniversary, Italian motorcycle brand Moto Guzzi has launched a new limited edition bike in homage to the café racers of the ‘50s and ‘60s. The stylish machine, dubbed the V7 Racer, is big on vintage appeal, taking design c...
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    Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Lady Watch

    Posted 2011-01-27
    While the long rectangle shaped case is often flattering on wrists, it is hard to make one larger in size that classical dimensions might allow. The solution for today's interest in larger timepieces is to put the rectangle on its side - offering ...
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    Back to the Future: Blohm + Voss Goes Vintage

    Posted 2010-09-27
    Blohm + Vosss is best known for building the world’s top high-tech megayachts, such as Roman Abramovich’s ever-entertaining Eclipse. Now however the famed Hamburg shipyard is turning its attention to something a little more retro. One of their new...
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    Nivrel Le Chronograph Replique II Limited Edition Watch Is Real Classicism Reborn

    Posted 2009-06-24
    Lots of watch companies today are offering re-releases of classic models due to popular interest in classic looking watches. The problem is that save for a few aviator watches, their eyes don't look that far back. Nivrel has defied this trend by o...