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    Four High-Performance Cars You Can Still Get With a Manual Gearbox

    Posted 2016-04-26
    There’s nothing quite like rowing through the gears while driving quickly, cracking off a heel-and-toe downshift right before diving into a corner, and slotting the shifter into top gear at high speed. It connects driver and car in ways that cars ...
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    Aston Martin Takes the Rapide to Nurburgring

    Posted 2010-04-09
    For all those who thought Aston Martin had somehow gone soft by offering a four-door saloon, the famed British marque plans to prove the new Rapide is no slouch by entering it in the 38th ADAC Nurburgring 24-hour race on May 15-16. Piloting the ve...
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    Own a piece of Bristolian aristocracy

    Posted 2010-02-02
    A quintessentially 1980's red sports car has turned up on JamesList. The V8 Vantage, originally introduced in 1977, was hailed as the first British supercar (the top speed being 170 mph, an impressive feat at the time - not to mention the market-l...
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    Elite Aston Martin LMV-R

    Posted 2009-08-26
    U.S.-based Elite Carbon Fibre has released details on its 2010 Aston Martin LMV/R (Le Mans Vantage Racer), based on the famed marque's V12 Vantage. Following in the footsteps of the Ferrari Scuderia and Stradale and Lamborghini Superleggera cars, ...