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    Ulysse Nardin HMS Caesar Classico Cloisonne Enamel Watch

    Posted 2011-08-04
    The beauty of enamel barely translates into images - especially ones like this where the light is flat and the depth of colors is hard to determine. There is a good reason enamel work has been a technique of choice among watch makers for many gene...
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    Ulysse Nardin Caprice Panda Ladies Watch

    Posted 2011-08-02
    This watch is an excellent example of how luxury tastes can widely vary. For instance, in the US you would not commonly see a high-end luxury watch in gold with diamonds... that has a dial covered in jewels over a pair of "feel good Panda bears." ...
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    Oligarchical horology

    Posted 2010-02-28
    Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Punch and pie for anyone who manages to repeat that one ten times quickly. A good friend of mine recently alerted me of a great article from the Russian press, in which a newspaper has compiled a list of pict...
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    "Remember The Good 'Ol Days" With The Ulysse Nardin Classico Watch

    Posted 2009-11-12
    Remember when watches were less complicated? When they really made you feel like a gentleman, and would use plastic as part of the construction over the dead bodies of already long dead Swiss watch makers. Those were the days! Not that I personall...