• Mcqueen 1024 1365491487

    Triumph to Release Steve McQueen Edition

    Posted 2011-10-26

    For 2012 Triumph has announced plans to release a new Steve McQueen Edition based on the Triumph Trophy TR6 that the ...

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  • Delfour triton 11 1365490718

    Southsiders adds comic book touch to ...

    Posted 2010-01-03

     A cafe racer but not quite? The CP Project One is the vision of French designers Frank Charriaut and Vincent Prat fr...

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  • Triumph thruxton se 1 1365490710

    Two New Toys From Triumph

    Posted 2009-12-25

    Famed Brit motorcyle marque Triumph unveiled two special new Bonnevilles recently, the 2010 Thruxton SE and a one-off...

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  • Triumphrock 1365490580

    The 2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster

    Posted 2009-10-13

    To some folk Triumph motorcycles no doubt seem somewhat quaint, a relic of an earlier era of British dominance before...

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