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  • Graff mastermrt 1365491322

    Graff MasterGraff Minute Repeater Tourbillon Watch

    Posted 2011-04-28
    Graff timepieces are quickly becoming one of the nicest high-end watches that you'll never see. Aside from a few times at a dedicated Graff store, these pieces are very hard to find. That is likely intentional given Graff's very exclusive nature, ...
  • Dewitt2bt8 1365491276

    DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon 2011 Edition Watch

    Posted 2011-03-17
    DeWitt will release a slightly revised version of their Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon watch this year. The brand has had a series of ups and downs over the last few years and is attempting to reclaim their identity. Watches like this are something the...
  • Rodolphe tourbillon 1365491268

    Manufacture Rodolphe Tourbillon Squelette Watch

    Posted 2011-03-03
    The flagship piece for Rodolphe Cattin's new Manufacture Rodolphe watch brand's launch is likely this skeletonized tourbillon watch aptly named the "Tourbillon Squelette." What impressed me is that the movement is technical, while being traditiona...
  • Hysek abyss 1365491194

    Hysek Abyss Tourbillon Automatic Watch

    Posted 2010-12-16
    Hysek watches cause my curiosity to soar. The big question for me is, "who are they making watches for?" The orginal Jorg Hysek designs that the brand now focuses on are being transformed with more and more complex technical faces. The new Abyss T...
  • Thomas prescher triple axis tourbillon regulator sport watch 1365491073

    Half Million Dollar Thomas Prescher Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator Sport Watch On The Wrist

    Posted 2010-08-10
    It isn't everyday that you get to adorn a watch that costs in the vicinity of half a millions US dollars - give or take a bit depending on the model and materials. Thomas Prescher slyly smiles when showing off his watches - proud of the pedigree a...
  • Boucheron ladyhawke 1365490867

    Boucheron Ladyhawke Tourbillon Watch Girard-Perregaux Movement

    Posted 2010-04-01
    Boucheron and Girard-Perregaux continue their long lasting relationship with this new watch. Whereby Boucheron uses Girard-Perregaux movements in certain high-end watch creations. This is the new Ladyhawke Tourbillon that uses a GP three gold brid...
  • 1 017 1365490804

    Oligarchical horology

    Posted 2010-02-28
    Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Punch and pie for anyone who manages to repeat that one ten times quickly. A good friend of mine recently alerted me of a great article from the Russian press, in which a newspaper has compiled a list of pict...
  • Graff mastergraff tourbillon watch 1365490787

    Graff MasterGraff Tourbillon Limited Edition Full Pave Watch

    Posted 2010-02-16
    My fascination with Graff watches began a while ago when I first saw their diamond shrouded timepieces. These watches are as rare as a Graff boutiques. Or perhaps this is just my obviously untraveled observation as I have only seen Graff locations...
  • Bre2 1365490728

    Commemorative Breguet hunter's watch up on James

    Posted 2010-01-10
    Now here's quite a number you don't see too often. I was browsing some of the watches that have turned up on JamesList within the last couple of days (ah, the joys of sorting the results by price), and was greeted by this beautiful rarity. It's a...
  • Cartier flying tourbillon skeleton 1365490681

    Rotonde de Cartier Flying Tourbillon Skeleton Watch

    Posted 2009-12-08
    This is the watch for serious Cartier watch lovers. It represents the brand's current desire to prove to you that they are serious about watch making, not just making classy LOOKING watches. This is really one of the most obvious haute horlogerie ...