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    High-End Car Details You Might Not Notice

    Posted 2017-04-11
    Everyone loves a high-end car. What’s not to love? They’re fast, they’re sleek, they’re sexy. While we all look for Easter eggs — fun, unexpected surprises — in our favorite movies and series, have you ever thought to look for an Easter egg in you...
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    Tesla Model S Becomes Norways Best-Selling Car

    Posted 2013-10-17
    In contrast to their peers at now defunct Fisker Automotive, the folks at Tesla Motors have been doing a lot of things right, and since the launch of their exciting Model S sedan for the 2012 model year all has been going swimmingly for the Palo A...
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    Tesla x Tag Heuer

    Posted 2010-03-07
    James' friends out in the far east (has this become a politically incorrect term yet, by the way?) over at Luxury Insider just posted an interesting gem from the Geneva Motor Show. It seems that legendary watchmaker Tag Heuer has decided to remini...
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    Tesla offers up palatable electric hatchback

    Posted 2010-01-24
    Set for a 2012 release, pictures of the production version of the Model S from Californian marque Tesla have begun popping up online. Peter Rawlinson, head engineering chief at the young company, states that the car is "deep in the design and engi...