• Hometheatermain 1365605179

    Hollywood at Home – Home Theater

    Posted 2013-04-10

    In addition to Art Deco design, Jazz, and an unrelenting network of speakeasies, the Roaring Twenties also produced...

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  • Aq015416 photo credit sara wander1 600x371 1365491530

    Adventurous Pursuits

    Posted 2013-02-13

    It wasn’t long ago that the world was teeming with seldom-visited places, and the prospect of traveling abroad was s...

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  • Switzerland 11 150x150 1365491526

    Villas Of Choice

    Posted 2012-12-12

    The holidays are always the busiest time of the year for traveling, and when it comes to a memorable vacation, the pl...

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  • B20 1fondblanc 600x450 1365491525

    Gold & Wood

    Posted 2012-12-10

    Gold & Wood believes that luxury is best expressed through a certain style, a certain talent, and a certain rare ...

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  • Pic2 600x100 1365491523

    The Luxury of Colored Diamonds

    Posted 2012-10-18

    When is a diamond not really a diamond? When it is a natural fancy color diamond. Ten thousand times rarer than your ...

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  • Topaz1 600x373 1365491512

    What Will Happen to Saudi Crown Princ...

    Posted 2012-01-16

    In a few months Germany’s Lurssen will launch the Topaz, which at just over 482 ft. will become the world’s 4th large...

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  • Nwbrook9 600x413 1365491500

    TVR Plans to Rev Up Once More

    Posted 2011-11-28

    Back in the day TVRs held their own with the likes of Lotus and Triumph, sexy British-made sports cars set to the tun...

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  • 8696525 nsres 600x368 1365491498

    Extraterrestrial $150,000 poker chips...

    Posted 2011-11-20

    In our Extraordinaire section, you'll find the craziest ultra high-end must-haves that we not only feel deserve a lit...

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  • Luxus wohnmobil 600x427 1365491486

    Exclusive price reveal: Marchi Mobile...

    Posted 2011-10-22

    If you pay close attention to all the spicy new features here at JamesList (of course you do!), you will have noticed...

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  • Cid 6cf5fdd1 713c 42ef 861c 18b44c70a756 600x450 1365491430

    Prince Andrew Under Fire for Saudi Su...

    Posted 2011-08-16

    Britain’s “randy royal”, Prince Andrew, is living up to his tabloid reputation by partying on a Saudi billionaire’s ...

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  • The mystery of time table clock 1 1365491328

    Timekeeper Chronometrie "The Mystery ...

    Posted 2011-05-03

    This isn't just a clock that sits on a table, this clock is an entire table. Visually and functionally unorthodox, "T...

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  • Laptop2 600x452 1365491302

    £220,000: World's most expensive lapt...

    Posted 2011-04-08

    For people that live in houses with stacks of money used as provisional (we're gonna need a bigger boat) furniture, L...

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