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    Hollywood at Home – Home Theater

    Posted 2013-04-10
    In addition to Art Deco design, Jazz, and an unrelenting network of speakeasies, the Roaring Twenties also produced the movie theater, which soon morphed into grand, ornate movie palaces. The resulting cinematic experience gradually evolved over...
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    Adventurous Pursuits

    Posted 2013-02-13
    It wasn’t long ago that the world was teeming with seldom-visited places, and the prospect of traveling abroad was seen as a grand adventure. But the world has changed. International travel is no longer a privilege reserved only for a select few,...
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    Villas Of Choice

    Posted 2012-12-12
    The holidays are always the busiest time of the year for traveling, and when it comes to a memorable vacation, the place you stay can make all the difference. There are many high-end resorts out there, all well-equipped to accommodate even the mos...
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    Gold & Wood

    Posted 2012-12-10
    Gold & Wood believes that luxury is best expressed through a certain style, a certain talent, and a certain rare quality that gives you a unique elegance.It’s no surprise then that the luxury Eyepiece brand based in Luxembourg finds itself at ...
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    The Luxury of Colored Diamonds

    Posted 2012-10-18
    When is a diamond not really a diamond? When it is a natural fancy color diamond. Ten thousand times rarer than your typical colorless diamond, there are many reasons why fancy color diamonds are the preserve of the rich, famous, and well informed...
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    What Will Happen to Saudi Crown Prince’s Superyacht?

    Posted 2012-01-16
    In a few months Germany’s Lurssen will launch the Topaz, which at just over 482 ft. will become the world’s 4th largest yacht. The only larger vessels will belong to the Sultan of Oman, Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and of cou...
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    TVR Plans to Rev Up Once More

    Posted 2011-11-28
    Back in the day TVRs held their own with the likes of Lotus and Triumph, sexy British-made sports cars set to the tune of Swinging London. The firm went into eventual decline, managing to produce vehicles until 2006 when it went into receivership....
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    Extraterrestrial $150,000 poker chipset on James

    Posted 2011-11-20
    In our Extraordinaire section, you'll find the craziest ultra high-end must-haves that we not only feel deserve a little bit of extra attention, but also can't quite put the traditional JamesList label on (in the sense that we're not talking about...
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    Exclusive price reveal: Marchi Mobile on JamesList

    Posted 2011-10-22
    If you pay close attention to all the spicy new features here at JamesList (of course you do!), you will have noticed that we recently launched our Extraordinaire section, the corner reserved for the craziest off-the-wall listings that we really c...
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    Prince Andrew Under Fire for Saudi Superyacht Frolic While London Burns

    Posted 2011-08-16
    Britain’s “randy royal”, Prince Andrew, is living up to his tabloid reputation by partying on a Saudi billionaire’s superyacht while London burns in the riots. The London Daily Mirror reports that Andrew’s been living it up with a young blonde ...