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    In Memory of Sir Roger Moore

    Posted 2017-05-24

    The British actor Roger Moore passed away yesterday. He spent 12 years of his life playing the role of the one and on...

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    Steve McQueen’s Rolex Up for Sale

    Posted 2011-10-11

    It’s well known that Steve McQueen wore a Rolex Submariner; not so well known is that he actually owned two of them....

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  • Rlx2 1365491190

    Extraordinary tropical 1959 Rolex Sub...

    Posted 2010-12-05

    Vintage Rolex Submariners are a dime a dozen and hardly something difficult to stumble over. More often than not, the...

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    Warship Vasa's salvor Fälting's 1959 ...

    Posted 2010-11-21

    Keeping tabs on local upcoming auctions is always a joy, since finding real gems feels so uch more satisfying than, l...

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    The all-new Steel Submariner - only n...

    Posted 2010-09-04

    Being a tool watch kind of guy, I like my watches to have the bare minimum of design elements and features to do the ...

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    Rolex BaselWorld 2010

    Posted 2010-03-17

    Well, not much to say that hasn't been said already by now. Trying to get an overview over at the TZ Rolex forum is n...

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  • Bernardmadoff 1365490629

    Buy Bernie Madoff's watches this weekend

    Posted 2009-11-10

    It seems that the Gaston & Sheehans are conducting an auction this Saturday. Among the items put up for sale are ...

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    Daniel Craig tale of treachery continues

    Posted 2009-10-25

    The fantastic Mr Ehrlich over at Jake’s Rolex blog (a must for any Rolex nutter) recently unveiled the next step in ...

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