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  • Sc6 1365490612

    JamesList Exclusive: SCUBACRAFT and the rise of personal submarines

    Posted 2009-10-28
    JamesList was envisioned as a platform where dealers and manufacturers could meet and put up those things that make life worth living for sale. Those exquisite, expensive and alluring things that people with money to spend are interested in. Not b...
  • Uboat 1365490453

    U-Boat Worx Superyacht Submersibles

    Posted 2009-06-24
    Netherlands-based U-Boat Worx has introduced its newest "superyacht submersible", the C-Quester 3. Building on its success with the C-Quester 2, the CQ3 is a larger craft with flexible seating configurations for 3 or 4 people to explore the unchar...