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    The Grand Tour S01E13

    Posted 2017-02-03
    Past v Future Welcome back to the 13th episode of The Grand Tour: “Past v Future” is released this Friday, the 3rd of February on Amazon Prime. This week, the show comes from the United Arab Emirates, more specifically, Dubai. Here is a list of a...
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    Get a feel of the Benz SLS AMG boat at Düsseldorf

    Posted 2011-01-18
    One the last year's biggest success stories was the 46-foot speedboat Rider XP from Cigarette, the sleek powerhouse designed in collaboration with Mercedes Benz in homage to the marque's SLS AMG. She's the only powerboat available with the all-new...
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    Brabus Unveils Programs for SLS AMG & S 600

    Posted 2010-09-01
    Our favourite Mercedes tuner, the unbeatable Brabus, has finally unveiled their versions of the new SLS AMG and S 600. Engine specs have not been finalized for the SLS AMG, though a double digit horsepower increase is expected. A new front spoiler...
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    Hit the Water in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Cigarette Boat for €900,000

    Posted 2010-08-13
    Back in February we told you about plans for a Cigarette powerboat designed in homage to the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Now the killer craft is in the water, and you can pick one up right here on JamesList for a cool €900,000 via Maranello Marine ...
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    Kristian's corner: The sound of power - B&O and the Mercedes SLS AMG

    Posted 2010-05-05
    JamesList welcomed an exciting addition to our staff in the shape of Kristian Haagen last week, when he mused about his long-lasting love affair with the Nautilus from Patek Philippe. This time around Kristian, who runs TimeGeeks, took a ride in a...
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    Smoking Cigarette Based on a Benz

    Posted 2010-02-23
    A brand new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG might be enough of a prize for some folk, but others aren’t so easily satisfied. Hence the new Cigarette 46-foot Rider, a $1 million custom racing boat inspired by the supercar designed by Mercedes in collaboratio...