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    Super-copter Smackdown: X3 vs. X2 – Video Inside

    Posted 2010-12-20
    Back in November we told you that Sikorsky’s experimental X2 had claimed the title of world’s fastest helicopter, clocking 260 knots (299 mph) in their demonstrator model and shattering the world speed record in the process. Now Eurocopter is hot ...
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    Sikorsky X2 Heli Sets World Speed Record

    Posted 2010-11-12
    Back in July last year we reported that Sikorsky was aiming to make their experimental X2 the world’s fastest helicopter. Now the company has done just that, clocking 260 knots (299 mph) in their demonstrator model and setting a new world speed re...
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    Sikorsky S-76C++ and the future of VIP helicopters

    Posted 2010-01-11
    That the private ownership of helicopters and jets is a privilege to a select few is hardly disputed by anyone. What's more interesting to note, if you're interested in advertising like I am, are the distinctly different ways that private aviation...
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    Sikorsky Readies the World’s Fastest Heli

    Posted 2009-07-09
    Sikorsky is close to breaking the helicopter speed record with its groundbreaking X2, set to pass the 250-knot mark – that’s 287 miles per hour - by year's end. That’s nearly twice as fast as the company’s famed Blackhawk, while the current speed ...