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  • Tokyo 600x480 1365491041

    James in the field: Seiko adventures

    Posted 2010-07-07
    This spring, James sent out his errand boy to get a closer look at the 2010 edition of the Audi A8. For this edition of James in the field, Douglas was sent somewhat further away, all the way to glorious Nippon. After barely surviving an overdose ...
  • Watch concept close up 600x565 1365490823

    Swede in Space: Halda Space Discovery

    Posted 2010-03-12
    My homeland is not exactly overflowing with new and interesting watch companies. As a matter of fact, makers of high end goods are rarely something that seem to come out of Sweden, probably for a multitude of cultural and financial reasons. Moreov...
  • Galante11 1365490666

    Seiko turning it up to 11 with Galante Special Edition

    Posted 2009-11-28
    As some of you might've noticed, I'm very partial to Seiko and their upper-market endeavours. As a matter of fact, Seiko is overall one of my favorite brands, especially if you have a thing for vintage divers (and boy, do I...) and affordable ch...
  • Seiko ananta spring drive chronograph white 1365490589

    Seiko Ananta Watches Should Cut Through Any Hesitation Like A Katana

    Posted 2009-10-26
    I have seen Ananta, and it is good. Too good almost. Seiko doesn’t know what they have in their suave new collection of high-end Japanese mechanical wrist watches. For them, the attractive Ananta watch line is an important exercise in improving t...
  • Seiko2 1365490597

    Aussies victorious at Seiko 49er Speed Challenge

    Posted 2009-10-21
    When we dip into sailracing news here at James Spotting, it usually concerns the larger vessels - megayachts, katamarans and so forth. However, mostly due to his bias towards Seiko as the great seemingly undiscovered secret in the watch world, Jam...
  • Baselworld 2009 seiko ananta 1365490575

    Seiko's upmarket push, the Ananta

    Posted 2009-10-06
    For a lot of people, Seiko is viewed as the essential mall brand watch. The argument often goes that even if you're spending five figures, a Seiko is still only a Seiko, while, let's say, a Rolex is always a Rolex. Arguing about the matter beyond ...
  • Space 1365490548

    The other space watch: Seiko Spacewalk

    Posted 2009-09-22
    I love true purpose-built watches. I also love the fact that if you are willing to open up your wallet quite a bit, high-end Seikos with Spring Drive movements are basically some of the best watches money can buy. It's understandable that if you'r...