• Tokyo 600x480 1365491041

    James in the field: Seiko adventures

    Posted 2010-07-07

    This spring, James sent out his errand boy to get a closer look at the 2010 edition of the Audi A8. For this edition ...

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  • Watch concept close up 600x565 1365490823

    Swede in Space: Halda Space Discovery

    Posted 2010-03-12

    My homeland is not exactly overflowing with new and interesting watch companies. As a matter of fact, makers of high ...

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  • Galante11 1365490666

    Seiko turning it up to 11 with Galant...

    Posted 2009-11-28

    As some of you might've noticed, I'm very partial to Seiko and their upper-market endeavours. As a matter of fact, ...

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  • Seiko ananta spring drive chronograph white 1365490589

    Seiko Ananta Watches Should Cut Throu...

    Posted 2009-10-26

    I have seen Ananta, and it is good. Too good almost. Seiko doesn’t know what they have in their suave new collection...

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  • Seiko2 1365490597

    Aussies victorious at Seiko 49er Spee...

    Posted 2009-10-21

    When we dip into sailracing news here at James Spotting, it usually concerns the larger vessels - megayachts, katamar...

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  • Baselworld 2009 seiko ananta 1365490575

    Seiko's upmarket push, the Ananta

    Posted 2009-10-06

    For a lot of people, Seiko is viewed as the essential mall brand watch. The argument often goes that even if you're s...

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  • Space 1365490548

    The other space watch: Seiko Spacewalk

    Posted 2009-09-22

    I love true purpose-built watches. I also love the fact that if you are willing to open up your wallet quite a bit, h...

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