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  • Omega seamaster aqua terra xxl small seconds 1365491144

    Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Seconds Watch

    Posted 2010-10-28
    Pretty much any new Omega watch with the word "Speedmaster or Seamaster" will get lots of consumer attention. Especially in China where Omega is currently enjoying particularly high demand.  New in the Seamaster Aqua Terra collection is this Seama...
  • 3017 1365490810

    Omega post-Olympic triple whammy on James

    Posted 2010-03-01
    With the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics over and done with, can we once and for all just cool down and agree that, well, the Winter Olympics are kind of arbitrary and dumb? I mean, hockey and figure skating are alright I guess, but do we really ne...
  • Bondomega 1365490602

    Daniel Craig tale of treachery continues

    Posted 2009-10-25
    The fantastic Mr Ehrlich over at Jake’s Rolex blog (a must for any Rolex nutter) recently unveiled the next step in Daniel Craig’s masterplan to annoy the hell out of Omega. Treachery is a bit too harsh of a term, but the alliteration appealed to...