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  • Eruf stormster porsche cayenne 9 1365490691

    The first electric Cayenne is a real head scratcher

    Posted 2009-12-13
    German tuning company RUF, who made their name when they released an electric version of the 911, are currently making headlines with their new effort, the eRUF "Stormster", the first electric variant of the Porsche Cayenne. The eco-friendly car i...
  • Rufct3 300x217 1365490404

    RUF Life: The New CTR 3

    Posted 2009-05-04
    Depending on your point of view, tuners either needlessly mess with perfection or else provide a valuable service, helping to distinguish those with truly disposable incomes from the factory-ready rabble. There's really no question however tha...