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  • Adore tutti frutti by manufacture rodolphe cattin 1365491274

    Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin Adore Tutti Frutti Watch

    Posted 2011-03-15
    I was hoping Hublot would be the only brand to adopt "Tutti Frutti" as a name applied to a watch. Nope. The new resurgent brand Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin chose the "festive" name for this multi-gem modeled version of its Adore watch. The Adore T...
  • Rodolphe tourbillon 1365491268

    Manufacture Rodolphe Tourbillon Squelette Watch

    Posted 2011-03-03
    The flagship piece for Rodolphe Cattin's new Manufacture Rodolphe watch brand's launch is likely this skeletonized tourbillon watch aptly named the "Tourbillon Squelette." What impressed me is that the movement is technical, while being traditiona...