• Aquariva gucci 600x400 1365491106

    Making Waves: Gucci Meets Riva

    Posted 2010-09-13

    Two iconic, ultra-stylish Italian brands are teaming up on the slickest collaboration to hit the high seas since that...

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  • Boesch750 1024x768 600x458 1365491067

    Electric Switzerland: Boesch 750 Port...

    Posted 2010-08-03

    Swiss boatyard Boesch Motorboote is one of Europe’s leading classic wooden sports boat builders. Though it may not ha...

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  • Aquanewson 1365490999

    No, No Newson: Aquariva Overload

    Posted 2010-06-10

    In general we are fans of Aussie designer Marc Newson’s minimalist aesthetic. His latest endeavor to give Riva’s fame...

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  • Riva86 1365490565

    The New Riva 86’ Domino

    Posted 2009-10-02

    What costs €5.9 million, does 38 knots, and looks like a supermodel in a skintight silver bathing suit? The new Riv...

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