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  • Rm028 mexico 1365491361

    Richard Mille RM 028 Watches Exclusively For Mexico & Brazil

    Posted 2011-06-14
    Christmas comes early for Richard Mille fans this year. No wait, this isn't a Christmas themed RM 028 diver, this is a special limited edition version made for Mexico. Only 20 pieces will be made of this super diver. Changes to the original RM 028...
  • Richard mille rm029 1365491220

    Richard Mille RM 029 With Oversize Date Watch

    Posted 2011-01-20
    2011 will see a host of new Richard Mille timepieces including this easy to enjoy RM 029 with "Oversize Date." Though I prefer to simply call the latter element a "big date." The term "oversize" anything bothers me as being nonsensical - but I dig...
  • Cvstos 1365491159

    Cvstos Pays Honorable Homage To Richard Mille & Franck Muller?

    Posted 2010-11-08
    Now in its fifth year, I see Cvstos as a brand that is full of potential. With great suppliers, and an interesting aesthetic, as well as access to designers, they could be a powerhouse brand. However, much of was I see is indication that they feel...
  • Nadal mille 1365491107

    Rafael Nadal Gets New Richard Mille Watch After Losing First One

    Posted 2010-09-16
    Star Spanish Tennis player Rafael Nadal didn't exactly lose his $525,000 highly limited edition Richard Mille wrist watch. Rather, it was stolen (more on this here). Vague reports in the watch world hinted at the fact that the shy super athlete ha...
  • Rm 027 wimbledon 1365491043

    Nadal Partnership Pays Off For Richard Mille

    Posted 2010-07-08
    It was an odd yet novel move for a luxury brand. Give a star tennis player a half million dollar wrist watch that you ask him to wear while he plays the game, piggyback on his media and success, and hope for the best. Richard Mille chose the right...
  • Rm011 mexico 1365491030

    Richard Mille Does Mexican Independence Service With Limited Edition Watch

    Posted 2010-06-29
    Like an envoy, luxury watch brands have been slowly announcing their own limited edition watches to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexican independence - one coming right after the another. Richard Mille is taking their turn with a limited edi...
  • Img 2472 1365490969

    Kristian's corner: Lightweight horology for a heavyweight tennis player

    Posted 2010-05-22
    Mr. Haagen, a common sight in the halls of the high society, got his hands on a very special Richard Mille just before it was handed to none other that Rafael Nadal. Follow Kristian's adventures at his very own TimeGeeks.Spanish tennis sensation R...
  • Richard mille rm028 les voiles de st barth watch 1365490919

    Richard Mille RM028 Les Voiles de St Barth Limited Edtion Watch

    Posted 2010-04-27
    It must be limited edition month over at Richard Mille! This feels like the third model they announced in the last several weeks. This time they have released a special limited edition version of their newer, hot selling Diver watch, the RM028. On...
  • Db 600x337 1365490825

    James' pick: Mesmerizing De Bethune DB22

    Posted 2010-03-14
    Alright, there's no use denying it: I'm a watch traditionalist. Part of the allure of wearing an Omega Speedmaster or a Rolex Submariner is that they've been more or less left unchanged for almost half a century. I'm definitely not claiming that s...
  • Rm004 1365490515

    Richard Mille saga of success continues

    Posted 2009-08-25
    Friends of futuristic haute horlogerie will be familiar with Richard Mille. The watch-industry-consultant-turned-designer is the real king of high tech grand complication limited edition pieces (so how nicely that just rolls of the tongue?) and ha...