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  • Thomas prescher triple axis tourbillon regulator sport watch 1365491073

    Half Million Dollar Thomas Prescher Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator Sport Watch On The Wrist

    Posted 2010-08-10
    It isn't everyday that you get to adorn a watch that costs in the vicinity of half a millions US dollars - give or take a bit depending on the model and materials. Thomas Prescher slyly smiles when showing off his watches - proud of the pedigree a...
  • Glycine f 104 regulator watch 1365490875

    Glycine F 104 Regulator Watch

    Posted 2010-04-08
    Glycine has succeeded in making the regulator style watch a true useful instrument for aviation professionals with the new F 104 Regulator Ref., 3892. My first reaction to the watch was that it was odd to say the least. Not only is the hour indica...
  • Franc villa fva15 column regulator automatic watch 1365490485

    Franc Vila Fva15 Column Regulator Automatic Watch

    Posted 2009-07-28
    Meteorite and tire tread. No not something you'll find (only) on a vehicle running over valuable stuff in the African desert (where meteorite stones are often found), but also here on this new Fva15 Column Regulator Automatic watch by Franc Vila. ...