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  • Fiat 126p 1365490628

    Gran Turismo Classico - the Polish Gumball!

    Posted 2009-11-10
    Let's file this under the category of exotics and pretend that this is a luxury item, pastime or some such thing. In three days time, Friday November 13th, a most awkward looking convoy of small Polish Fiats -yes Polish, they built them under lice...
  • Fos starcars 01 777x239 1365490457

    Goodwood Festival of Speed, 3-4-5 July 2009

    Posted 2009-06-25
    If you hang around here on James Spotting and enjoy reading about whatever is fashionable today in the world of luxury motoring and yachting, then you're probably going to love the Goodwood Festival of Speed as much as I do.Located in the greenlan...
  • Ken block jump 1365490434

    Automotive Acrobatics

    Posted 2009-06-09
    Former skateboarder and current Daredevil Ken Block is to cars what Evil Knievel was to motorcycles. With a background in skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross, he understands the need for spectacular car stunts done with more finesse than jus...