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    Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond in the Flesh

    Posted 2010-04-19
    Back in October we first told you about the €1million white gold and whale penis leather SUV from Dartz. Now the Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition has finally been unveiled at Top Marques Monaco, and as promised Dartz has done away with the cont...
  • Dartz top marques 2010 press 600x450 1365490839

    DARTZ up to their old tricks, unveils Porsche covered in "whale skin vinyl"

    Posted 2010-03-21
    Oh, Dartz, is there anything you won't do?At the 2010 Top Marques Show in Monaco, Dartz unveiled their latest creation, a Porsche covered in something they call whale skin vinyl. I'd e-mail Leonard myself and ask, but chances are that the response...
  • Logoyear 1365490715

    JamesList 2009 Year in Review, part 1

    Posted 2010-01-08
    Oh, 2009. Our maiden year proved to be an exciting one, and the world of luxury, despite the financial crisis, kept churning out weird cars, glamorous yachts, top of the line business jets, odd watches and geeky motorcycles. We even caught glimpse...
  • Auto4 1365490680

    DARTZ produces car in tribute to whale penis debacle

    Posted 2009-12-08
    A good press communicator's job is, among other things, to be a good communicator (clue being in the title). Another task is to maintain good relations with the media. Draw their attention. Make them interested.The people at DARTZ are only halfway...
  • Prombron 1365490579

    The €1million White Gold & Whale Penis SUV

    Posted 2009-10-12
    Yes, you read that headline right. If this vehicle wasn't from Russia's way-over-the-top Dartz group we'd have to wonder if it might just be a hoax. We wrote about the €150,000 Dartz Kombat T98, a sort of tank masquerading as a luxury SUV, which d...