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    James Bond Meets the SBS: Project X S...

    Posted 2011-04-04

    London-based Rolex customiser Project X did some serious research for its newest collection of limited edition models...

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    A retro cut from Project X Designs, n...

    Posted 2010-01-20

    After Daniel Craig being spotted wearing a customized Rolex Submariner from Project X Designs, it seems that the Lond...

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    JamesList 2009 Year in Review, part 2

    Posted 2010-01-08

    Welcome to the second part of our summary of 2009. If you missed the first part, click here. In this segment, the Jam...

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    Daniel Craig tale of treachery continues

    Posted 2009-10-25

    The fantastic Mr Ehrlich over at Jake’s Rolex blog (a must for any Rolex nutter) recently unveiled the next step in ...

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