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    Afzal Kahn Buys a Second Veyron, #3 On the Way

    Posted 2010-08-19
    JamesList aficionados are familiar with the brilliant British tuning house Project Kahn, known for making ultra-luxe and exotic autos even more ultra-luxe and exotic. The man behind the firm is not just a glorified mechanic for well-heeled car col...
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    Project Kahn Gives Maybach a Makeover

    Posted 2010-02-09
    Ultra-high end British bespoke auto conversion house Project Kahn, having tackled every other luxury marque in existence, have finally turned their attentions on the Maybach. The Project Kahn Maybach 57 is designed to be the ne plus ultra in Europ...
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    Project Kahn McLaren SLR Carbon

    Posted 2009-08-05
    The McLaren SLR is for many the ultimate racecar for the road, and ultra-luxe British bespoke auto conversion house Project Kahn have just made it even better. With its stealth exterior styling and carbon fibre technology, Kahn’s SLR Carbon is ...