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    Spicing up the new Rolex Explorer

    Posted 2011-01-16
    We weren't overly optimistic of Rolex's showing at last year's BaselWorld (to be fair, how could we? Rolex is constantly criticized for being too conservative and when they try to innovate, they get ripped for not staying "true". Poor fools.), eve...
  • Carbon 2 1365490633

    Adhering to your convictions with the Pro-Hunter MilSub

    Posted 2009-11-12
    I might be biased, but I really like Pro-Hunter and companies of their ilk. There's something inherently interesting about the way they manage to annoy the Rolex community, not to mention that I genuinely really like what they do to spice up the o...
  • Milgauss 3 598x756 custom 1365490565

    Staying in the limelight: Rolex Milgauss - Pro-Hunter

    Posted 2009-09-29
    Few brands enjoy such strong recognition like Rolex, which is not news to anyone. One of the the flip sides of that coin is how dividing Rolex is, as both a company and a straight-up phenomenon, in the watch world. For every Rolex lover, you will ...
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    Pro-Hunter PVD Rolex Daytona Mk II

    Posted 2009-08-12
    PVD-coated customized Rolexes have been enjoying unprecedented popularity ever since culture chameleon Kanye West started sporting one. While various different models are made by the likes of Bamford & Sons, Black-Out Concepts and Jacques Pic...