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    The wristwatch: From a necessity to an accessory

    Posted 2015-07-28
    The story of the wristwatch is a both remarkable and interesting story. It all started as an instrument for soldiers in the 1880s to coordinate attacks without the enemy intercepting any signals, which prove to be a very efficient tool on the batt...
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    Early 17th Century French Fusee Chain Pocket Watch On James List

    Posted 2010-12-21
    Timepieces like this, in just such a condition are very rare. To detail the history of a watch like this is almost tantamount to an overall discussion of the history of watches. It was around 1625 when this pocket watch was made in France. A time ...
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    Omega post-Olympic triple whammy on James

    Posted 2010-03-01
    With the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics over and done with, can we once and for all just cool down and agree that, well, the Winter Olympics are kind of arbitrary and dumb? I mean, hockey and figure skating are alright I guess, but do we really ne...