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    Luxury Watch Values

    Posted 2013-10-02
    Back in May at an Antiquorum sale in Geneva, a Patek Philippe pink gold Sky Moon Tourbillon (Ref. 5002) emerged as the auction’s top lot, selling for 1.2 million Swiss Francs (about $1.3 million). Unlike most chart-topping timepieces sold at aucti...
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    Rare Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Watch Sold By Cartier Up For Auction

    Posted 2011-03-03
    Made for an older New York business man in 1946, this bespoke, one-of-a-kind Patek Phillipe Reference 2419 was sold through Cartier. Still owned by the family of the original owner, the watch will now be offered for auction via Antiquorum in New Y...
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    Christie’s Clocks $91 Million Worth of Watches in 2010

    Posted 2011-01-01
    Are classic timepieces a good investment in this still uncertain economic climate? Christie’s’ record-breaking $91 million worth of watch sales clocked (ahem) in 2010 shouts a resounding “hell yes”. The top timpiece of the year at the famed firm w...
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    Five white gold watches for connoisseurs on James

    Posted 2010-11-23
    White gold has long been my favorite precious metal used in watches. Why, you ask? Mostly because you can't really tell. To the untrained eye, your watch looks like it's made of stainless steel, or possibly, silver, but only you and your accountan...
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    Four watches for the world traveller: our picks

    Posted 2010-11-14
    Secondary time zones, whether we're talking about GMTs, World Time or UTC functions, are commonplace among the more established watch companies and have become as much of a staple as having a watch with a chronograph function amidst your offerings...
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    The AP dilemma

    Posted 2010-06-17
    My favorite watch of all time is probably the classic, no-nonsense Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Everything Gérald Genta touched in the 1970s seemingly turned to gold in a Midas-like fashion, but nothing comes close to the original in my mind. The Pa...
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    Rockin’ 50s and 60s Rolexes in Hong Kong Sale

    Posted 2010-05-20
    There are of course plenty of pricey Patek Philippes on offer in Christie’s upcoming Important Watches including The Millennium Collection auction on June 2 in Hong Kong, including a coveted Sky Moon Tourbillon. What caught our eye however were so...
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    Kristian's corner: Inspired by Jules Verne and designed by Gerald Genta

    Posted 2010-04-30
    Let's give a warm welcome to Kristian Haagen. Kristian, who is based in Copenhagen, is one of those original watch idiot savants with an unbridled enthusiasm for exquisite horology that's almost exhausting at times. Apart from his column here at J...
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    James' pick: Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon

    Posted 2010-04-16
    I always felt that Vacheron Constantin deserved to stand in the limelight that its more notorious rival Patek always has. After all, there's not that much difference between the identities of the two brands: high end conservative stylings with a s...
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    Grab a $2.5 Million Patek at Christie’s Geneva

    Posted 2010-04-15
    $1 million is a major benchmark in the world of haute horology, limited to very few pieces and the occasional auction highlight. For its upcoming Important Watches sale at the Four Seasons in Geneva next month Christie’s is going one better: a rar...